Winner Of the Best Child Care Center In the Tri-Cities Area Award In 2014

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Our Philosophy About Providing the Best Care for Your Child

At Boones Creek Child Care Center in Johnson City, Tennessee, we strongly believe that open communication between parents and our teachers is essential in fully meeting your child's needs. To that end, it's important for parents to understand the philosophy that we embrace in our child care center. This philosophy is based on a set of strongly held beliefs. First, we believe each child has the right to enjoy a safe and nurturing learning environment. Second, we feel that parents have the right to feel confident in the security and happiness of their children when left in our care.

For Our Children

We believe that children have the right to a safe, nurturing environment where they can feel comfortable. Our educational approach embraces the fact that each child is an individual and, as such, must be allowed to develop at his or her own pace. We fully appreciate the importance of play in a child's life and believe that we must foster an environment that takes every opportunity to enhance a child's development. Children also need a constant sense of security when they are away from their parents and in the hands of a child caregiver. At Boones Creek Child Care Center, we believe in providing it.

For Our Parents

We believe that our purpose is to provide parents with quality child care services on a consistent basis. There is nothing more important than the children entrusted to us. Parents deserve peace of mind when they are away from their children. We believe in providing it.

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We Are an Organization That Values People

The children in our care, their parents, and our employees are all valued members of our organization. We continually work to earn the trust placed in us. Each day, we strive to be the best child care provider of early childhood education in the community we serve.